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Charm'elle bracelets are customizable to infinity!

Unleash your creativity in the Charm'Elle universe to make THE bracelet that suits you!



How to choose your starter



Charm'elle bracelets are the finest and greastest jewels that you can do it your way. Anything is possible !

Only the number of charms on a bracelet is limited by its own size :

Taille du bracelet (en cm) Nombre de charm maximum *
15 12
16 14
17 15
18 16
19 17
20 18
21 19
22 20
23 21


/! Warning: The maximum number of charms is an approximation as it's linked to their shape and size, which can change from one to another charm.


To know your bracelet size, follow this link.





Customize your keys and make it like no others by adding a Charm'Elle key-ring and filling it with 5 charms.

Some kind of Charms


Classic Charms

The classic charms tell your story (a baby-carriage may represent your baby birth, a heart may represent love ...). On our website, you have a wide choice among several thema (animals, love, family, ....).



The "spacers" give personnality to your bracelet (color, shape ..). They are usually filled between the classic charms to put the emphasis on it.





Clips are a very special Charms : they can be opened and placed on the bracelet (or necklace) screw to cover it.

Its main use is to divide your bracelet into three parts and to prevent the charms from moving where you don't want to . Yet we can list at least three other uses that are lesser known :


1. Distribute  the weight !

If you like to wear few charms on your bracelet (like 5 or 6) , the clips will help you to distribute the weight on it.


2. Preserve your bracelet !

Everytime you wear your bracelet, its screws have to handle high pressure with your moves. This is why the screw can be damaged, weaken or even breaked. Clips allow you to enforce the screw and prevent it from this type of damage.


3. Make your jewel magnificent

The screws may sometimes not fit to your style. In this case, you can cover it with the clips. It will bring a touch of elegance and originality to your bracelet.

Safety chains


Safety chains are small chains that are placed on both sides of your bracelet clasp. It keeps the bracelet on your wrist, but also has other uses :


1. Prevent your bracelet from falling off the wrist

The safety chain will prevent your bracelet  from falling off the wrist in case of accidentally opening. So you avoid loosing your precious composition.


2. Attach the charms on the bracelet

The safety chain allows you to prevent charms from falling off your bracelet when you open the clasp. It can be very usefull when you put (or remove) it.

It's possible to use clips to get the same effect, but a safety chain will give a very special touch to your bracelet.


3. Mke your jewel magnificent

When fixed on your bracelet, the security chain provides an unique and remarkable style to your wrist. Especially since each side of the chain is embellished with exquisite charms designed for you (flowers, stars, hearts... ) .