Some precautions

Most of our Charm'Elle jewelry are made with semi-precious matarials, like silver plated metal or silvered metal. As for all costume jewelry, you should follow some precaution for use in order to make them last longer :

1) Avoid contact with water. Few drops won't damaged your jewel, but lot of water (bath, shower, handwashing) could make them become dull.


2) Avoid prolonged sun exposure. You can wear your jewel on sunny days without any problems, but store them under the sun for many days could make them lost their brightness. It would be better to store them in a jewelry box or in a drawer.

3) Avoid prolonged rubbing on something hard. You can wear you Charm'Elle jewelry on your day life. Nevertheless, you should avoid rubbing it on something hard (like on a table by moving your computer mouse) cause it will damaged it over the time.


Protecting your jewelry

You can go further our recommandation, by choosing to protect your Charm'Elle jelwery and make them insensitive to time and daylife activities.


In order to, you just have to use transparent nail varnish on your jewels. This varnish will be totally invisible and will prevent your charms, bracelets and necklaces to be damaged.